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Outdoor Activities for Babies: Rock Hunting, Water Play, Zoo Visits, Simon Says, Gardening

Top 5 Outdoor Activities For Babies

For toddlers, there’s just something about being outdoors that sparks joy in their hearts. While plenty of outdoor activities are geared towards older kids, even babies can be entertained by simple things such as a stroll or playing with water.

Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? Or jumping on a children’s train?

Rock Hunting

Rock hunting is a fun and interactive outdoor activity that can help toddlers use their energy while having some fun. They’ll love trying to find rocks with unique shapes and colors and may even be excited to discover some treasures like shell fossils, bird’s eye marble, or wonder stones. For the best chance of success, read up on rock hounding before heading out. Michigan lake beaches are great places to look but bring along a bag, bucket or other container so you can collect your findings.

Most toddlers get a huge kick out of water play so make sure you take them to the beach or community pool on warm days or set up a backyard water table with a low tub that they can stand at and some large bowls of water to allow for sensory exploration. This activity encourages learning through play and promotes hand-eye coordination. Add a variety of toys that float and sink to make it extra fun.

Zoo Visit

A zoo visit is fun for toddlers of all ages, but it can be especially good for babies. It is a place where they can see animals in their natural habitats, learn to love and respect the creatures that they see, and get some exercise. It is also an excellent opportunity to teach your children about the world, as zoos have habitats for each of the continents and the animals that inhabit them.

A low table which your child can stand at and some large bowls of water enables water play on less warm days. Provide them with a variety of tools like whisks, sieves, different sized containers, spoons, sponges, objects that float and sink and cups to fill and pour.

A nice walk around a park is another outdoor activity that your baby will enjoy, and they might even be able to fly a kite if they are older! They will also enjoy the colors of the trees and leaves as well as the texture of mud and grass.

Simon Says

Using a simple Simon Says game is an excellent way to improve cognitive development and memory retention. It also helps kids to practice following instructions and developing body awareness. It is a great activity to use when you need to refocus kids or transition them from one activity to another.

Getting kids outdoors for free play allows them to explore their surroundings and develop physical dexterity through activities like throwing, pushing, or bouncing a ball. It also encourages creativity and social interactions amongst children.

Getting kids outside to feel grass or sand underfoot and marvel at bugs is an amazing experience for them. You can also set up a sensory bin with sand and include trucks, shovels, and other toys. Or, make a water table with low bowls that a toddler can stand at. Add in some different tools that help them learn about objects that float and sink, such as cups, spoons, sieves, and a few drops of food coloring.


Getting kids involved in gardening can awaken their senses – they will touch, smell and taste the soil, observe how plants grow and experience the amazing colours nature inspires. Gardening also teaches children that it takes time to create something, and it helps them to learn patience at an early age.

Water play is a great outdoor activity for toddlers to help them burn energy, develop dexterity and improve balance and coordination. Set up a sprinkler, let them gently squirt you and you squirt them back – this is a fun way for kids to build their sensory skills and learn about cause and effect.

Chasing is another outdoor activity that can help your child to burn energy and develop gross motor skills. Find a large grassy area and get them to chase you (or each other) while throwing a ball or playing catch. This is a simple and inexpensive way to entertain them while getting some much-needed Vitamin D.

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