Selected Articles


"The Ex-Con Inventor Disrupting Underwater Energy" / Bloomberg Businessweek (June 2016)
Turbine tech is tough, because water is 800 times denser than air. Herbert Williams got rich engineering a brand-new approach.

"Building a Better Mouse Cage" / Bloomberg Businessweek (June 2016)
A startup aims to take humans out of labs that test drugs on mice.

"Big Make" / Wired (September 2012)
Autodesk wants to help anyone, anywhere, make anything.

"The Greatest Running Shoe Never Sold" / Bloomberg Businessweek (January 2012)


"Build a Chair in 3 Minutes" / Bloomberg Businessweek (April 2016)
What if heirloom furniture came in a box smaller than a flatscreen TV?

"Make the Complex Clear" / Bloomberg Businessweek (April 2016)

Sports Science

"Become Your Own Coach" / Wired (January 2017)

"Wrong Numbers" / Running Times (Sept/Oct 2015)
Activity trackers collect arcane data about the body, but competitive runners ask: Will this make me faster?

"Forged in the Furnace" / Men's Health (August 2015)
Athletes are using the new science of hot running to fire up speed and endurance.

"Times Are Changing" / Runner's World (July 2009)

Can technology make you a better runner? We asked four runners to try wrist-top coaching tools to find out. Here's how heart-rate monitors, GPS, and other gadgets helped them--and can help you--train smarter.


"The Worst Jobs in Science" / Popular Science (January 2015)
These down-and-dirty labors are hard, dangerous and outright gross—and people love them anyway.

"The Artisnal Applebee’s" / Bloomberg Businessweek (January 2015)
A new farm-to-table model takes DC.

"First Look: Stryd" / Wired (December 2014)
The first power meter for running arrives.

"Scan Artist" / Popular Science (July 2014)

Repo men are at the frontiers of technology and citizen surveillance.

"Continuum Redesigns Audi's Car Dealership Experience" / Bloomberg Businessweek (February 2013)

Runner's World (November 2010)

Is Less More? Fueled by the barefoot-running craze, a new crop of minimalist shoes has emerged, heating up the debate over what we should wear on our feet -- and what the running shoe of the future will look like.

Popular Science (September 2008)
Pranks: Extreme Engineering 101

Business 2.0 (Nov 2006)
Tiny Chip, Giant Ambition: Steve Sanghi has turned Microchip Technology from a near-dead maker of commodity processors into the top cloud seeder for next-generation electronics. 

Make (May 2005)
Blockheads: Product developers use Lego to prototype next-generation commercial devices.  What else is there?

All Things Considered, NPR (April 2002)
I Love the 1040

All Things Considered, NPR (April 2001)
Flat Guinness: The new direction of the Guinness Book of World Records leaves one writer longing for the old days of unusual oddities.

Wired (June 2000)
Nike's skunk works unveils a line of networked sportsware that delivers real-time racing data and pits athletes against virtual competitors around the world.

Wired (October 1999)
Anatomy of a Spam: It all started with a hot email pitch for a miraculous product. Wired turned detective to find the truth.

Wired (July 1997)
After Life: Where computers go to die.