Bob Parks | Writer & Editor | Brattleboro, Vermont

As a longtime fan of outsider technology, I write books and magazine articles about talented engineers, designers, and inventors who work outside their formal area of training. I like "outsiders" because they never start from predominant academic and professional models or even work linearly. They're often as peculiar as they are passionate, and sometimes their solutions win the day.

My work in publications started as an editor for Wired magazine, directing sections on new technology and design. After that, I moved with my family from the Bay Area to Vermont, where I've freelanced as a long-form feature writer for Wired, Popular Science, Outside, Runner's World, Businessweek, and other publications since 2002. I also write educational materials for the STEM and STEAM fields as Senior Writer at WGBH Boston. Outside of work, I nurture my interest in storytelling by serving as president of the Brattleboro Literary Festival, a classic Vermont event that attracts top fiction authors and thousands of visitors every year.

Home is southern Vermont, where I share an old farmhouse with my wife, son, and daughter. In the mid 19th century, our property consisted of a large chicken coop among outbuildings, which various owners had carefully renovated over the years into an attractive residence. Since we've owned it, unfortunately, our shakey DIY skills have only served in restoring the home pretty much back to its original condition—chicken coop.